The trip to Tibet began in Hong Kong, where this picture was taken.
Shortly before my departure for Tibet I gave a presentation before the Rotary Club where I live.
So when we came upon this statue I was compelled to have my picture taken with it.
This is Gonggar Airport, outside Lhasa. This is the luggage claim area, off the back of the truck.
We are entering Lhasa, the Potala dominates the skyline.
Here we see Mike speaking to the residents at the Dragon King Pool, near the Potala.
This is a Lhasa back street on the way to the Nepali Consulate
Before I left the States I decided I wanted a picture of me taken on these steps of the Potala.
Unfortunately we did not get to Lhasa before the Holiday Inn.
We did get there before McDonald's.
A small refreshment stand outside Drepung Monestary, which is outside Lhasa.
Drepung, it was quite medieval
Jokhang Temple in Barkor Square
Mike teaching the young monks arm wrestling
Mike taking a picture of the monks
Mike standing beneath the Potala
A monk lighting a yak butter lamp
The monks between training sessions
Here I am spinning the prayer wheels
Rocks with prayers carved on them
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